Water consumption

Water consumption

As the conservation of water has been identified as a risk of climate change, and Belgium has been indicated as a country that could potentially face a water shortage, we continue to make every effort to reduce our dependency on water supply.

In light of our target to reduce water consumption 30% by 2030 (vs 2018), we have formed working groups with specific objectives to reduce water consumption in all activities. KPIs for these working groups are currently in development and production processes are being designed to use less water. In the USA, our water consumption reduction project removed 4,815m3 from use in 2019 (vs 2018).

All of our cooling systems are closed-loop and waste water generated through manufacturing processes, as well as grey water, is either treated by Balta or sent to public treatment plants Water purification installations in Sint-Baafs-Vijve and Tielt are used to treat water used in production process and both facilities are being monitored to meet the waste standards for surface water.

In Tielt, investments have been made to efficiently mix rainwater with purchased semi-purified and recovered water through the water treatment plant on site. The water is treated using reverse osmosis and ultra-filtration using purges through a sand filter to maximise usable output.


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