How we manage waste

Since 2012, we’ve ensured that zero waste from production has gone to landfill across all our manufacturing sites. Operational excellence programs have further reduced waste in production and over 100 different waste streams have been identified, collected and reused where possible. Priority is given to internal reuse of production waste, as currently only 2% of total waste streams are recycled internally.

During 2020 we are investing in the development of a waste polypropylene recycling plant. The re-granulated polypropylene will be reused in the production of staple fibre for non-woven textiles and as weft-yarn for weaving as we look to reduce our reliance on jute.

As one of our key objectives to reduce our impact on our climate change, we aim to achieve 100% production waste recycling by 2030. We will progress this through reviewing and optimising manufacturing processes, re-evaluating waste streams and re-engineering products. There are also opportunities in co-operation with a broader range of external recycling partners. Currently, there are clearly defined common waste streams across Balta so performance can be measured and best practice shared across all production sites.

Through the one-off operation to empty and clean the water purification plant in Oudenaarde following the restructuring of production across Belgium, 2019 recorded an increase in wastewater flows. In addition, there were changes in the dyeing operation in Tielt which meant the biological purification plant could not handle this type of wastewater. This waste-water is currently treated externally.

Outside of Belgium, all raw material waste streams are constantly monitored and waste percentages remain below our KPIs. Bentley will use group KPIs for 2020 reporting.


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