Reducing the impact of transport

Reducing the impact of transport

We have an over-dependence on road transport which needs to be reduced if we are to meet our CO2 emissions target for 2030. Moving towards inland water ways during 2018 has been an important step and led to a major reduction in CO2 emissions for this activity.

Since August 2019, 46% of inbound raw material containers from the port of Antwerp have been diverted from road to river, reducing a road-trip of 208km to just 6km. Most containers are re-used and sent back to the port with finished goods. On an annual basis, we expect this to reduce road kilometres for raw material containers by 97% from 312,000km to 9,000km. The estimated annual CO2 reduction is expected to be 257tonnes.

We also work with transport partners with a focused approach to reducing impact. Verhoek, a logistics company providing 25% of our total road transport, have won a ‘Lean and Green’-award for their processes and initiatives. Other transport partners have also provided written commitments to the environment.

A study has been carried out investigating the potential use of the container port at Avelgem on the river, although actions have yet to be taken. We will continue to focus on road reduction initiatives for 2020.

In Turkey, opportunities to divert from road transport are currently not available. Returned loads are used where possible and are being measured so KPIs can be established.

In the USA, Bentley makes use of rail transport for raw materials where possible. When trucks are used to deliver raw materials, a return load system is employed so 99% of return journeys are made with a load of finished goods.

Since the opening of a new warehouse in Savannah, Georgia (USA) for the Balta home e-commerce business that is within closer proximity to the coast than our Rome facility, we have been able to reduce reliance on inland transportation.

Further work is ongoing to reduce the carbon impact of transport using some of these initiatives as a blueprint for future operational changes.


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