Our approach to environmental management

Our approach to environmental management

In the production of carpets, rugs and non-wovens for technical applications we impact the environment in the following ways:

  • Consumption of raw materials and chemicals including Polymers from petrochemicals
  • The use of natural gas and electricity as dominant energy sources
  • CO2 emissions and the localised environmental impact of logistics
  • Water consumption for production
  • Water emissions from production
  • Production waste
  • End of product lifecycle disposal into energy generation
  • The impact of Belgium production in close proximity to densely populated areas

Only by identifying our objectives and monitoring the effectiveness of reducing our impact can we achieve positive action. Our environmental management is part of a wider sustainability policy, created by senior management and approved by the CEO. The policy clearly maps the environmental impacts of Balta, our commitment to continual improvements to these impacts and the need to comply with legal and other requirements.

On this basis, we have adopted the ISO 14001 methodology as a way of documenting key environmental metrics of production. Our Belgium and Turkey production sites are fully ISO 14001 compliant. The Bentley business unit, manufacturing in California (USA), achieves LEED certification and shares the ISO 14001 methodology without being independently certified. All of our raw materials are also REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals) compliant, as part of our commitment to maintaining strict quality controls. We also look to lean principles for the reduction of waste in production and currently sort waste into more than 100 categories to avoid landfill. 

ISO 14001 defines our environmental impact through a series of organisational processes and operational aspects, as well as the monitoring and evaluation of performance.

Organisational processes:

  • Make sure there are enough resources available
  • Enforce availability of necessary competencies
  • Raise environmental awareness
  • Keep documented information

Operational aspects:

  • Necessary actions and procedures are formally planned and organised
  • All actions, procedures and processes are executed according to the formal action plan
  • Results and working methods are checked and validated (if possible)
  • React to cause positive change on failures or problems
  • Prepare to react suitably to emergency situations

Performance monitoring and evaluation:

  • Continual monitoring and measuring for accurate information and the identification of actions and measures needed
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Annual internal audits to identify status of processes affecting environmental impact
  • Annual management review to define effectiveness and targets for the following year

This methodology and the environment for accurate reporting that it fosters, helps Balta to effectively manage its environmental performance and find ways of taking positive actions to reduce our carbon footprint.


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