Making more of diversity in the workforce

Making more of diversity in the workforce

We face a challenge to make our workforce more diverse and create more equal fully opportunity regardless of gender, race or cultural background; reflecting the nature of our operations. While no formal diversity targets have been set, we have made steps in the right direction.

Balta employees have diverse cultural backgrounds across all ages from our identified ‘future leaders’ through to experienced and knowledgeable ‘old hands’, and are gender diverse with an increasing number of women in management roles.

Being a global business headquartered in Belgium, we operate in several different languages and employ 47 nationalities across 11 locations. The recent appointments made to our Management Committee reflect this position with the committee now made up of diverse German, French, Belgian and American nationalities.

We are gradually strengthening the presence of women on our Board of Directors, which currently has 22% women. We are working to achieve the quota of a third of our Directors as a different gender than the rest of the Board and will achieve this before our transitional period ends in 2023. Our Board also features a diverse and complementary mix of expertise in operational fields, so that decisions are made in the best interests of Balta.

It is our strong belief that employing the right people for the right roles encourages a balanced workplace and to the end of 2019, this has been reflected in a slight improvement in gender balance. However, diversity does need to improve in senior management functions and it is expected the steps we have taken in engagement and well-being will help to address this issue. During 2020, we will continue to work towards making our workforce reflective of the international stage on which we operate.


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