Shareholder Structure

Share capital: EUR 260,589,621.00
Number of outstanding shares as of September 30, 2017: 35,943,396
Number of voting rights as of September 30, 2017: 35,943,396
Euronext Symbol: BALTA
Balta Group NV listed on Euronext Brussels on June 14, 2017

Each of these shares carries one voting right at the general meeting of shareholders and these shares thus represent the denominator for the purposes of notifications under the transparency regulations (i.e. notifications in the case of (a.o.) reaching, crossing or falling below the statutory or legal thresholds). BALTA GROUP NV's Articles of Association do not provide for an additional statutory threshold. No outstanding options or warrants have been issued that entitle their holder to shares, nor shares without voting rights.

The notifications of major shareholdings must be submitted to the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) and to Balta.

The following table presents the beneficial ownership of the shares.

 Shareholding at IPO Current shareholding Upon vesting of the MIP* shares
 Number% Number% Number%
LSF9 Balta Holdco S.àr.l.20.303.95756,5% 19.856.41655,2% 19.408.87954,0%
Management273.6370,8% 397.4141,1% 633.5921,8%
Public15.365.80242,8% 15.689.56643,7% 15.900.92544,2%
35.943.396100% 35.943.396100%

*MIP = Management Incentive Plan


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