Michael Kolbeck

Michael Kolbeck

Michael Kolbeck is Managing Director and Head of Europe for Corporate Investments at Hudson Advisors UK Limited, which advises Lone Star Funds, including Lone Star Fund IX, an investor in the Company. Prior to being appointed to his post at Hudson in January 2017, he was a Managing Director at Lone Star Germany Acquisitions GmbH. He currently also serves as Board Member of Xella International S.A., a leading European building materials company, and of LSF11 Skyscraper Investments S.a r.l., the main entity at the head of the MBCC Group, a leading supplier of innovative construction chemicals and solutions, and of Dynamic Bulk LLC, a shipping company, and is an observer of the Board of LSF10 Edilians Investments S.à r.l., a leading roof tile manufacturer in France. Prior to joining Lone Star and Hudson in 2004, Mr Kolbeck worked for several years as an investment manager for Allianz Group.
Mr Kolbeck holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany.

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